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Shop The Hood - Support Small Business

Our customers are our neighbours, they're our baristas, they're our window washers, our cashiers, our bank tellers, our dog-park pals, they're our community. Here at Eyemaxx we value our unique relationship to our patients and customers. Centretown has provided us with an amazing network of people and we couldn't be more grateful.

This Black Friday and Christmas season we urge you to celebrate the entrepreneurship of the small businesses of Ottawa. Together with Pot&Pantry, The Gifted Type, Boogie and Birdie, Scrims Florist, Red Velvet, and Bel Fiore Flowers, we welcome you to our 'hood, #UpperElgin. We hope that this holiday season you'll take a walk down Elgin Street and see all the goodies we have to offer. You can simultaneously give the perfect gift to your loved ones and your community by shopping local.

To learn more about the positive impact you can have by Shopping Local, visit us and our #UpperElgin neighbours this Saturday for #ShoptheHood!

We will be offering discounts all weekend on last season's product to make room for some new and exciting collections. Hundreds of frames will be priced at 50% off, single vision lenses will be 50% off, progressive and specialty lenses will start at $100 off. Make use of your benefits, support local, look great, and see spectacularly!