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Eyemaxx Optical Studio
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Eye Exams and Vision Tests

Regular, comprehensive eye exams are an important part of maintaining healthy vision.

Our eye doctors will measure how your well your eyes see, and may provide a prescription for corrective glasses or contacts that will improve your vision.

Eye exams are more than just vision tests—we also do tests that check the health and functionality of your eyes. This includes looking for early symptoms of eye diseases like glaucoma, or other eye problems like depth perception.

We are happy to provide our eye exam services in both English and in French, and offer appointments during evenings and weekends.

Direct-to-insurance billing

We offer direct billing for most major insurance providers. For a complete list of the providers we currently can and cannot bill to, see our FAQ.

Pick glasses during your exam

We have a large selection of luxury, fashion-forward frames for glasses and sunglasses. After your eye exam, our Optical Stylists will help you pick out your next favourite pair.

Home and office deliveries

We can deliver your new glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Just let us know when you're ordering and we will schedule a time for your delivery.

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