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That's what we're here for! We offer repairs and adjustments, sometimes subject to a fee depending on the procedure. If the frames were purchased elsewhere, we are not responsible for the materials and workmanship that went into them, so we assume no liability of breakage or damage. But don't worry, we'll warn you in person, and--of course-- do our best to have your specs back in shape in no time.

Absolutely. Our lab technician would be happy to assess the glasses that you have to ensure that they meet our quality standards. If your specs are in good shape, we'd love to order your latest prescription and get you seeing clearly.

Routine eye exams for patients 20-64 are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Patients who are 19 and under, 65 and older, or those who have specific medical conditions, are covered for a yearly eye examination. Patients who qualift under the Ontario Disability Support Plan or Ontario Works may also qualify. For more details, click here to consult the government of Ontario website.

Of course! First, we have to make sure that you know how to care for them, how to put them in, and how often to replace them. Contacts sit directly on your eyes, so we need to make sure you're wearing the best lens for you. If you have a valid prescription, you can book a contact lens teach without a new eye exam. Click here to book a contact lens teach or eye exam with one of our doctors.

Though we do offer direct billing for most major insurance providers, we cannot guarantee it will process due to the individual nature of insurance policies and plans. While we can advise you on the likelihood of your claim going through, the only plan we are currently unable to bill in any capacity is the Public Service Health Care Plan (Sun Life plan number 555555). Unfortunately, the PSHCP does not allow direct billing to vision care at this time.

Listed below, you can find a comprehensive list of providers we are able to bill:

- Blue Cross


- Chamber of Commerce

- Cowan

- Desjardins

- First Canadian

- Great West Life

- Greenshield

- GroupHealth

- Group Source

- Industrial Alliance

- Johnson Inc.

- Johnston Group

- Manion

- Manulife

- Maximum Benefit

- SSQ Financial

- Sun Life

We are always happy to accept new patients as soon as possible! We are a vibrant and busy clinic, with doctors in nearly seven days a week. Give us a call or book online, and we can try to accomodate you at your earliest convenience. No wait or application process needed–just be sure to arrive to your appointment 15 minutes early so we can verify all your information!

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