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Help Us Save Eye Care in Ontario

by Dawn Maxwell | | | 4 Comments

Eye care in Ontario is at risk. Take action.

To our Eyemaxx family: we need your help. We strive to provide exceptional care, and are extremely proud of the important work that our optometrists do in our community. However, their important work is at a serious risk right now. 

From the Ontario Association of Optometrists:

For 30 years, previous governments neglected to invest in eye care – so OHIP now only covers half the cost of an eye exam. Optometrists subsidize the rest. And social distancing means optometrists will only be able to see half the patients they did before COVID-19. 

But it’s not just about the optometrist. It’s about you, the patient. It’s about your eyes. And your health. 

Optometrists are ready for change – and are willing to work with patients and the government to save eye care in Ontario.

It’s time to open the Ontario government’s eyes to a crisis that’s about to become all too visible – and ensure these essential, accessible local health professionals don’t disappear before our eyes.”

Please take a minute out of your day to visit https://saveeyecare.ca/ and fill out your name, email and riding and an open letter will be sent on your behalf to local MPP’s and government officials.

This action, although small, is amplified when we unify together.

We are looking forward to continuing service within our community, as we have over 10 years. We thank you for your continuing support.

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