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DICK MOBY - Sustainable Eyewear

Posted on August 22 2016

We're always thrilled when a new company comes along and creates

something new and exciting, something we've never seen before (!!!)


One of our favourite sales reps stopped by to say “hi” last month, and before we knew it we were head over heels for our latest and most sustainable line – DICK MOBY. Whether you're a hardcore recycler, green bin warrior, or you're just into awesome eyewear, DICK MOBY offers a great guilt-free alternative to plastic waste.

As I’m sure you know, the majority of people are wearing plastic frames. Whether you’re going for geek chic, young professional, or retro horn-rimmed, you’ve probably worn or likely want to wear plastic frames!



But DICK MOBY knows that plastic frames aren't always as fun for the environment as they are for #selfies, so they’ve taken it into their own hands to ensure that sustainability and quality aren’t mutually exclusive. Their coloured frames are crafted with premium M49 bio-acetate, by Mazzucchelli. They partnered up to create an acetate that would biodegrade under the perfect conditions, which means that once you're done with your specs they won't be taking up space in a landfill somewhere! I know, right? Super cool.



I could go on and on about how neat this company is! Everything from their plastics to their glasses cases screams sustainability and style. We just received our full shipment of optical and sunnies on Friday and these babies are flying off the shelves. 




Did I mention they're affordable? We've got 'em priced at 279 and 299, hoping that they'll fit just about any budget. You can't get that quality at that price anywhere, really. Let me show you a few of these lovelies:





The frames are named after major airports around the world--a cute little detail that just adds to their quirky, fun vibe.

Each of their frames are available as opthalmic (clear glasses) or as sunwear (with world renowned Zeiss lenses).

If you're planning on putting your prescription in these babies, we'll take care of the lenses for you. These frames are made sturdy and can hold prescriptions of all kinds--that's right, even the super high prescriptions.

Their website is incredibly informative, click here to check them out! In the meantime I'll leave you with their manifesto:







Plastic is great, seriously! But hold your water, we’re not a fan of plastic pollution. We’re just saying not all plastic waste is bad. Yes, the bitter truth has a sweet spot. We call it:

We are Dick Moby. We make sustainable eyewear from plastic. And as our name points out we like to shake things up a bit. We like to use and reuse plastic without creating more waste in the process. To help make the world a better place. To put a smile on your face. But above all, to make you realize, there's a sunny side of plastic.




We'll be seeing you!



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