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Celebrity Inspired Looks for the Average Joe

by Dawn Maxwell | | | 2 Comments

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Glasses shopping doesn't have to be painful.
Match your specs to your style, and we'll do the rest!



The "Justin Bieber"

Are you the laid-back athletic type? Then love him or hate him, you're still taking subtle style cues from the Biebz. We haven't seen him wearing any GLCO's yet, but it's only a matter of time. Don't worry--It's not too late to say sorry! Pair some loose fitting khakis with an athletic tee, seasonal earth tones, and a cozy cable knit. After all, it is sweater weather. 

Fall into Autumn with Eyemaxx Essentials Men Pt1

The "Dan Humphrey"

Headphones on, world out. If you're the introspective, artsy type then this Canadian Tuxedo was tailored just for you. Rock denim with heavier fabrics to bring your look from 90s dad to poet-chic. These brand new TEDs from SALT. Optics come in four colours, but this is our favourite: warm tortoise shell, beta titanium detailing brought to you from an independent company. SALT. Optics is exclusive to us and handcrafted in Japan. These babies will get you well past your next insurance cycle.


Eyemaxx Autumn Essentials Men Pt I

The "Harvey Specter"

Whether you're an accountant, entrepreneur, or lawyer, you ought to be taking your style cues from the Suits powerhouse Harvey Specter. We can't all wear Tom Ford suits on the daily, but a pair of shades is a great compromise. Classic black with a modern blue gradient, this look brings you from work to play by simply loosening your tie!

Eyemaxx Autumn Essentials Men Pt2
You wear your frames on your face every single day. Unless you're investing in multiple pairs (which we all love to do), then you've got to choose a frame that fits your personality. While the secret to frame-choosing may be more about your face than your fashion statement, we Eyemaxx'ers promise to deliver the best of both worlds.

We'll be seeing you!

- Kaytlyn

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